Meet The Artisan

Who are we?

We are passionate coffee drinkers and mechanical engineers, we are entrepreneurs, but most importantly we are in pursuit of the finest cup of coffee where we have full control in making that perfect extraction.

What are we making?

We are building the world's finest hand press espresso machine that gives you full control of temperature and pressure to pull that perfect espresso! You are part of the process because you know what you love best in a cup of coffee. 

We have leveraged over 30+ years of automotive and mechanical engineering experience and applied the same pneumatic pressure concept into our coffee making process so that precision is fully controlled by you.

This is not a push-a-button-coffee machine, there's no electricity and there's no mini computer, it's you and the machine together to pull that perfect cup of espresso.

Why do we care?

This is a project that is 8 years in the making. We have gotten enough positive feedbacks where we feel we can confidently say we have a product that is second to none on the market.

We made the Kavei MECH to cater to the true coffee geeks. It is not a machine for someone looking for coffee on the go. This is a machine for the people who truly cares about bean origin, the type of grinder you use, the type of water you use, the temperature you boil the water at; it is truly a machine for the coffee aficionados who care about the littlest of the details in making that fine cup of coffee. We are in it for the process, and the output speaks for itself.

We built a dream machine for ourselves, and we feel we can connect with like-minds from around the world with our artisanal machine.